The Invention of the Chi Generator® by Karl Hans Welz
led to a Revolution of Life Energy Technologies for Body and Mind

Hyper Space Communications and Technologies International, Atlanta, USA
BEC - Bio Energy Corporation - Budapest, Hungary

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In this manual, you will find the following information:
(1) General about devices, programs for PC and accessories
(2) A bit of theory, as much as necessary
(3) Devices and programs in particular
(4) Success strategies


With your decision to acquire a generator of life energy, or Chi Generator® from HSCTI or BEC, you have opened wide the door to a very successful future.

These generators of life energy are at the beginning of a whole array of amazing new technologies, and, besides charging your body and mind with massive amounts of life energy, they certainly can be a decisive help in your efforts to make your dreams come to manifestation.  This is so, because an energized and balanced body also provides your brain with energy and balance, which in turn leads to an increase of the powers of your mind, and this power and energy can be decisive whenever it comes to bringing your desires to manifestation.

In the following, I am going to introduce you systematically to the very basics of this exciting new life energy technology at first.  This introduction will make it much easier for you to understand of the nature of your device, the principles of the energy that it generates and what you can do with this energy! 

After this introduction, simply follow the instructions of a selection of introductory practices.  This way you will gain hands-on experience, which will ensure that it will be much easier for you than ever to work on situations that are of a more complex nature.
Eventually, you will apply advanced methods of using your device and combine them with very effective success strategies.  These success strategies are a very important part of you work, especially when your intentions are geared towards achieving overall success, and therefore I dedicated a large part of these instructions to teaching you how to develop the best strategy or strategies to achieve that which you want to achieve.
Soon this extremely useful and powerful new technology will appear to you as something entirely natural; as something that you are going to do on a daily basis, just as driving your car, using your mobile phone or watching TV, and you certainly will appreciate its extreme effectiveness and versatility.


How to work with this manual

It is very important that you work with this manual in a relaxed state of mind.  Your device generates life energy!  It can be difficult for you to perceive, to feel and possibly also to see this energy and to work with it consciously, when you are distracted by other important or pressing situations.  Whenever this is the case, I suggest that you postpone your introductory work.  You can use your Chi Generator® to help you achieve this state of relaxation and once you achieve this state, you can continue with your introductory practices. 

It is best for you to practice patiently and with concentration, then you certainly will be able to perceive life energy soon, if you do not perceive it right from the beginning as most persons do.  In any case, it is important for you to know that you do not need to actually perceive life energy in order to harness its amazing powers for your overall success.
When using your Chi generator® correctly and effectively, you will have a lifetime of success and fun with it.  In the course of time, you are going to use your generator of life energy for many different situations, including situations that are much beyond the scope of what I am going to show you in this manual.  Your generator of life energy is equipment with near-infinite flexibility and so are the potential uses of this extraordinary machine!  For instance, you can project life energy in many ways:  to humans, to animals, to plants, to objects, and to specific situations and trends towards results that you intend to achieve, as you will find out later.  The only limit is your imagination.

After these introductory notes, I am going to give you a brief introduction that will help you understand better the energy that your generator is producing.  It is helpful for you to understand some of the theory that is the basis for the technology of these devices, so that you can make use of them fully.  Be sure to work through the majority of experiments and exercises that you find in this manual.  Once you have done this, you are going to cherish the beneficial, relaxing, constructive and positive effects that your Chi generators®, manifestation programs and all the other accessories have, when it comes to achieving positive permanent change and to manifestation of your deepest desires.


The Chi Generator® - a generator of life energy

During the course of human history, life energy has received many names:  In the East, it was called Prana (India), Chi (China), Ki (Japan).  In Hawaii, it was Mana, in the West it was Od (Karl von Reichenbach), Orgone (Reich), Animal Magnetism (Mesmer), Auxones (Waerland), and many others.

During recent history, some people in Western countries have claimed to have “discovered” life energy, not being aware that humans have been using this energy for tens of thousands of years.  This, in fact, means that these scientists have re-discovered life energy within their realm of experiences and scientific research and consequently they succeeded to explain this energy in a context that was in tune with their specific scientific thinking. 

Now, What is life energy?

It is obvious by now that life energy is an energy that is universally present.  Its main characteristic is dynamic flow and pulse:  it is movement.  In this respect, there is similarity with the electro-magnetic energy.

For the accumulation of life energy, certain materials proved to be very effective.  When re-discovering life energy for science more than 200 years ago, Franz Anton Mesmer called it animal magnetism (“personal magnetism” is the word used in our days), because he was well aware of a connection between life energy and magnetism.  Based on his hands-on knowledge, he built the first accumulators of life energy of which we know:  Oak barrels that he filled with iron filings.

Mesmer re-discovered life energy and he viewed it in a scientific context, as did Wilhelm Reich, Karl von Reichenbach, and others after him.
Wilhelm Reich was familiar with Mesmer’s work, since he studied hypnosis when he was a disciple of Freud.  In fact, for the past 150 years, every person who was learning hypnosis in the German speaking area learns about Mesmer as a “pioneer of hypnosis” right at the beginning of such studies.  When “discovering” life energy within the context of his work as an MD and psychologist, Reich used the term orgone for it.  He discovered that organic materials (he meant materials that contain carbon or silicone such as paper, wool, cotton, sand, or glass wool) attract and hold life energy while metal has the characteristic of attracting life energy and then immediately repelling it.  This understanding was a big step ahead of Mesmer’s oaken barrels that were filled with iron filings to attract “animal magnetism.”  Based on this new understanding why life energy was attracted, Reich was capable of building orgone accumulators that were more effective than Mesmer’s barrels and at the same time they required much less material.  He built boxes with alternating layers of organic and metallic matter.  The outside is organic while the innermost layer is metallic.  He recognized that the capability to attract and store life energy (as I said, he called it orgone) increased with the increase of layers.  Mesmer’s oaken barrels with iron filings then were single layer orgone accumulators.


Orgonite and life energy generators

Soon after I had invented the generator of life energy (Chi Generator®, or orgone generator®), I invented a new life energy attracting material, which I named orgonite®.  This material is a mixture of special metal alloy powders with extremely strong attractive and repelling characteristics with a special type of epoxy as organic material, plus, in the case of the newer super-orgonite®, a few additional enhancing materials that will remain classified for the time being.  This mixture has proven to be by far the most effective one for the accumulation of life energy, making the Chi Generators® that were built with super orgonite® as accumulating material much more powerful than their predecessors, which were still built with layers of organic and metallic materials.  All Chi Generators® from HSCTI - BEC are made with this new material, super-orgonite®!

Note: You can make an orgone accumulator simply by painting a metal box with latex paint into which you mix metal powder that you can purchase in any arts supply store.  This mixture is a form of orgonite®.  A few layers of this paint make much stronger orgone accumulators than the Reichian type with its thick layers of steel wool and fiber glass.

Therefore, with your Chi Generator®, you have now a device that has been designed according to the newest knowledge of life energy physics.  Naturally, it generates massive amounts of life energy rather than just accumulating it.  When you start working with your life energy generator and perform the practices that I am going to show you, you will soon realize how it feels to work with concentrated life energy.  In fact, most humans feel the energy that comes from the output pipe immediately.  Many can see it as well!

On the other hand, should you not feel the life energy initially, there is no need to worry.  With a bit of practice and, above all, with the necessary relaxed attitude and concentration, almost everybody is capable of feeling life energy within a relatively short time.  Just think back to your first attempts to ride a bicycle, and you will realize what I am talking about here.  At first you moved the handle bar extensively to keep your balance.  Later you mastered this fully and keeping of your balance was no longer a problem at all, and no conscious effort was needed any more.  In a similar way, the perception of life energy and work with it will be natural to you very soon.


Inspection, Material Return Instructions

Upon receiving your equipment, carefully inspect your Chi Generator®, exterior module(s), and other accessories.
transfer1.1.  Plug the DC plug of the Power Adapter into the power jack of the device, then plug the AC-DC PowerAdapter into an outlet.  Turn the device on.
For most devices, the adaptor is 9V DC and a minimum of 100 mA.  The plug is a 3.5 mm phone plug, which is standard with most universal AC-DC adaptors. 
The CE 69 requires 6V 100mA, positive tip.  The CE 99 needs two AA-batteries.
1.2.  Devices of the Junior series: the JU 99 CE, JU 99 – 10, TF 99 CE, SPP 99 CE and GPP 99 CE: Once the device is turned on, the LED (light emitting diode / control light) should be blinking.
1.3.  The AO 2000:  Turn the device on.  The LED should be blinking.  Same with the CE 69
1.4.  LPOG 2400 DL, LPOG 2400 HD, Performer 2400: These devices have continuous settings and/or fixed frequency settings.  Turn the device on.  First, turn the left knob (the rotary switch) all the way to the right. This switches over to the potentiometer (right) that allows continuous settings. Turn the right knob slowly. The LED blinks very slowly when the knob is turned all the way to the left. As you turn the knob to the right, the blinking speed increases until it appears as a solid light. Then test all other positions of the rotary switch (left knob). The LED should blink in the frequency indicated on the dial.
1.5.  RAD 5 and ATGS: Turn the device on.  Test each of the generators.  You have three knobs for each generator instead of one.
1.6.  PCHD: Turn the module on.  The left switch turns the device on (permanent LED) and the right switch turns on the interior generators (blinking diode). The wire with the stereo plug can be plugged into the sound card of your PC or into a CD player.  The two jacks in the back are outputs, for right and left channel, connect to the “input EPU" or "audio input" jack of any HD device with a patch cable that has mono-phone plugs (see image to the left above).  The device generates HD life energy by itself.

2.  Warranty
Manufacturer replaces, repairs, or exchanges defective devices within two years from date of purchase, provided that the defect is not the result of inappropriate use.  This warranty does not cover any AC adapter or other power supply, which are provided for free.

3.  Disclaimer
All items from HSCTI are solely for research purposes.  Many scientists state that the concepts of universal life energy, chi energy, prana, etc., do not belong to what they assume science should be.  Therefore, it is your personal decision whether or not you accept the existence of life energy, or chi energy, and in the effectiveness of any practices that use life energy.  This instruction manual contains descriptions of suggested purposes and uses of these devices that are based on such beliefs.  They reflect the personal opinions of practitioners of life energy technologies, lay persons as well as professionals, which the manufacturer does not necessarily endorse.
Therefore, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any damages that may occur as a consequence of such beliefs. 
The devices from HSCTI have no therapeutic value at all and should never be used for such purposes.  If you are sick and you think that you need healing energies, consult with a physician!


Become acquainted with your device

After unpacking the device and accessories and checking everything (see previous chapter), take your time to get acquainted with it.  Examine the various features in your device as described later when talking about your specific device or devices.  The more you feel at ease with your device, the more effective your work with it will be. 

An important feature of each life energy generator is its pulse, and in the more advanced devices you can set this pulse at specific frequencies.  Other devices are pre-set at exact frequencies, which reflect the correspondingbrain wave frequencies.  More about this later, with the description of the devices.

Most devices come with a transfer couple or with a couple of transfer cards.  You can use these transfer couples to stay connected with your device and draw its energy when you are not close to it, and this transfer works full power even when you are thousands of miles away.  Put one unit of the transfer couple next to your device while you carry the other one on you.  You can attach it to your key chain.  The Power Booster with transfer disk PBT 2400 operates in the same manner, and it increases the output of the device significantly more than the standard transfer couple of the TC series.

Some devices have a metal plate.  This is used to connect a specific structural link with the life energy of the device and to tune the life energy to a specific effect and/or target.  An example would be putting a performance enhancing substance there, which then would be an energetic addition for persons involved in weight loss, fitness training and competitive sports.  Another example is a cosmetic substance, which, then, serves as a structural link to the substance that is applied on the skin.  This attaching of specific information to the life energy is, in fact, very similar to radio, your on-line computer, telephones or TV, where the frequencies of a sender device are made to carry language, music, etc. to the receiving device.  More about this in the section for advanced uses.

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