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Life Energy Throughout History
China and India

Now to more traditional methods, of which we have written documentatiom

More complex traditional methods of the use of life energy, again with methods of action at a distance, evolved in many cultures.  In part these methods soon were rooted in the emerging bureaucracies of these cultures and again these methods naturally were connected with mythological principles, and the mythologies as well took the shape of the bureaucracies of these cultures, which, as usual, rigidified the explanations into religious dogmata. 

I am talking about methods of yoga in India and methods using Chi energy in China.  In India, the word for life energy was Prana.  In China, life energy was called Chi.  In both traditions, the flow of life energy is directed by the mind.  In our theory, I am going to explain to you how the mind itself is an optimal tool to establish structural links, and this explains not only many methods of transfer of life energy at a distance, but also the control of the flow of life energy as practiced by followers of these ancient traditions, and this flow of life energy inside the body indeed is functionally similar to the transfer of life energy at any distance.

In many traditions, such use of life energy was widely accepted, as long as it was practiced within the mythological framework of established religious-socio-economic structures, which usually were structures of socio-economic suppression and control. 

Whenever any person tried to practice applications of life energy individually without adhering to the rules and regulations of mythology-based group structures, he or she asked for big trouble.  A similar thing is widespread in our days, with the exception that nowadays we have to deal with two mythologies:  the mythology of a religious establishment and the other type of mythology, academic science, which is based on mythological sets of assumptions proffered by scientific sectarianism of all kinds.  A good example of such a mythology-based assumption is the ludicrous and unproven claim that the laws of physics are the same throughout the universe, from which claim a host of additional myths are deducted, which then are presented as “scientific truths.”  Actually humans barely left the stratosphere of their planet.  (astro-naut means traveler to the stars – for the folks leaving our planet on top of a large fire cracker, the word called stratosphere-scratchers may fit more appropriately!)

In either case scenario, the leaders and pawns of the existing powers jealously guard their positions and irrationally and/or rationally try to counteract everything that may threaten their positions.  In academic fields, the result of this attitude is the fact that significant innovations quite often take place only then when the older generation retires or dies out.

To sum it all up:  life energy technology has been used widely and consciously for the benefit of humankind possibly for as long as humankind has been roaming this planet.  Like other technologies such as fire, agriculture and the making of metal, life energy technology became part of mythology in practically all cultures of which we know.  Contrary to the establishing of scientific principles governing chemistry, physics, mechanics and many other sciences, life energy remained in its position of collective mythology much longer, and only in the recent past scientific approaches to this form of energy evolved.

As is the case with the “academic approach” to sciences, here too already science-based mythologizing of life energy has been established by groups who are unwilling to give up their cherished positions as “guardians or gurus of this new science of life energy.”  I am talking about Reichian epigones, who certainly did not like the fact that I dared to invent a generator of life energy, which made their orgone accumulators, orgone blankets and orgone shooters hopelessly obsolete. 

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