The Invention of the Chi Generator® by Karl Hans Welz
led to a Revolution of Life Energy Technologies for Body and Mind

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Company History 

Right from the beginning, I was well aware that many of the technologies that became a possibility as a result of my invention were a bit controversial back then, to say the least, and so were some of the theories that I developed.

Therefore a pragmatic approach was the right thing to do, especially when there is some controversy around an invention and consequently a lack of the political will to accept it, and the political will is very important for the ultimate success of an invention.

And I decided exactly to take an appropriate pragmatic approach when I was starting my company.  My rather alternative and metaphysical approaches when promoting my equipment certainly had to be controversial to many people.  In addition to this, we can consider such a field of applications a sideline.  As a result of appealing to such a rather small group of people, I was capable to enjoy a fool’s freedom.  This means that, by appealing to a rather small group of people on the fringe, I was never exposed to the type attacks, under which persons like Wilhelm Reich suffered so much in the past, and it was easy for me to register trademarks such as chi generator, orgone generator and prana generator.  As time passed by and consequently the technology of generating life energy became more acceptable to a wider public, I was finally capable of taking an increasingly more mainstream approach, and I could eventually do the approach that I have planned right from the beginning.

Once I had decided in favor of this rather pragmatic approach, which was almost immediately after the invention and a couple more prototypes, I began to market the devices.  Here is the first orgone generator on the market.  Already back then I mentioned the impact that orgone energy has on drinking water, and I have written this into the first manuals.  I did not realize the popularity that water devices would eventually get, therefore the best of all water devices had to wait till it was promoted for such purposes.

Soon afterwards I invented orgonite, which allowed the building of much smaller generators of life energy.  The first orgonite devices, however, still had the original size.  Only later I built them much smaller. 

At first, when I started marketing the devices, a lot of well-meaning people were also surprised that I did not patent my invention, and in addition to that, several individuals, who were less-than-well-meaning people, tried to push me into patenting.  As you know, patents can be sold and then some of them have the habit of disappearing in some corporate drawers. 

In fact, I actually waited for people to copycat my inventions.  Too bad that it took those folks some eight years, before they started copying my inventions as well as they were capable to do.  Although I love to make fun of some of those folks, especially of those who are breaking the law blatantly by using my registered trademarks, I like the fact that they are around, as I had expected right from the word “go”!  This is so, because the folks who copied my technology also contributed to the fact that by now this technology is much more widespread than I could have done myself, plus any person can build and sell these devices.  To put a stop to this technology is literally impossible by now, and like any other mainstream technology, such as cars and computers, by now life energy generators can be made available to every person who is open to new technology, regardless of background and personal belief structures. 

Even before I built the first generators of life energy, I was aware of the fact that this life energy can be transferred at any distance with the help of structural links, and already the first devices came with transfer disks that people could carry on themselves while the generator, which supplied the life energy, was somewhere else, and it was irrelevant whether this generator was in the same room or half around the globe.  There is no loss of energy with such a transfer, no matter how far away the generator is from the person pulling the energy via structural link – the transfer disk.  Already the first catalogs contained a transfer diagram for a free test, with the help of which the person reading the catalog could connect to a generator in my lab and charge water or food.  The results of this type test were worth more than a thousand words.

With time, the life energy generators became increasingly stronger. 

You can access the manuals over the Internet.

As far as the technology is concerned, I performed some very interesting experiments, among others signal transfer across the Atlantic, from Atlanta to Telfs, the Tyrolean town where I lived during the first 19 years of my life.  I used no electromagnetic frequencies for this transfer, it was machine-to-machine, and, as expected I did not need any amplifier, because this was a full-powered transfer, likely faster than the speed of light.

Furthermore I did extremely interesting experiments in which I managed to change physical characteristics of matter such as conductivity.

Lately, I entered the field of food production, in which life energy can make a significant difference over methods that have been used in the past.

Stay posted, and soon you will find some additional information on this site.

It's fun, it's exciting, and you certainly can be laid
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